Seymour the Mouse

Seymour, a tiny mouse, lives at the North Pole. Each Christmas Eve, he shines Rudolph’s nose before Santa’s big trip. This year Seymour has a special wish… a wish that can only come true on Christmas Eve when snowflakes fall. With Santa’s help, Seymour gets his wish.

Come to My Donkey’s Party

Have you ever been to a birthday party for a donkey? Well you’re invited! Join my donkey and all of his friends for the fun filled celebration. There will be plenty of food to eat and a special treat for all of the guests. HMMM… do you think they will play “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”? You’ll just have to see for yourself. Hope you can come.

The Spaghetti is Missing Five Star Review!! Foreword Clarion Book Review

Yikes! All the spaghetti in Uncle Pauley’s restaurant is missing… and it’s almost dinner time. Gabby and Noodles into action, following a trail of smashed spaghetti boxes scribbled with the message “The tower is falling, come quick!” At long last, they come face to face with the mysterious tower…but where’s the spaghetti?

Just a Frog Named Patch the Frog

Patch sings for the very first time at the pond with his famous family—Mama, Papa, and Brother Frog. But his debut doesn’t go quite as expected so off he runs, certain that he can no longer live at the pond or be a frog. Will Patch find a new home for himself in the forest? Or will he come back to the pond…

A New Friend for Ellie

Ellie has found her “forever home”. But when she tries to save her family from a “strange” blue blanket they bring into the house, she only gets scolded. Ellie is so sad that she runs away. Will she have to find a new family? Wait and see…

Dorothy’s Star

Dorothy loves stars – it’s her favorite thing in heaven.  So when she sees a young couple about to travel through the darkness, Dorothy uses her stars to light their way.  Once they stop for the night at a stable, Dorothy is sure her work is done.  But she soon finds out the young couple needs her help again and quickly!  This time, Dorothy learns who she is helping and how her stars guide them to a Christmas miracle.