Whether it was writing original plays to perform in my neighborhood while growing up or adding a slightly different spin to training programs while a banker, I loved to create. But when my life as a mother of four boys added the role of grandmother, I decided to give my first grandson an original book written just for him. From that day on, I knew that writing for children was what I wanted to do. Before long, I was a student at the Institute of Children’s Literature and now a graduate!! What a wonderful journey it has been. I was so fortunate to have Seymour’s Christmas Wish published through Mirror Publishing with six other books to follow, articles published in Nature’s Friend Magazine and in Fun For Kids Magazine.

So What’s Next?

Now with three more grandchildren in my life, I am inspired to keep writing. There are more stories to tell – more smiles to make. That’s really what’s important. My message to all the “budding authors” out there is to never give up on your dreams no matter what. Writing allows you to go anywhere or be anything- real or imaginary-without ever having to leave your own backyard. It’s a trip worth taking!!! As for me, I am excited for Seymour and I to meet some new friends and see what adventures they will take! After all, in the words of Walt Disney, “…it was all started by a mouse.”